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An Amazingly Easy and Proven Natural HIV Cure has been Found

This Natural HIV cure can be taken in the Privacy of Your Home in less than 5 minutes per day

From the desk of Linda Wong
Tuesday, 10:28 a.m.
Dear Friend,
Do you suffer from:

  • Sore throat

  • Swollen lymph glands

  • Chronic Diarrhea

  • Persistent Headaches

  • Persistent, unexplained fatigue

  • Dry Cough and shortness of breath

  • Soaking night sweats

  • Shaking chills or fever higher than 100 F (38 C) for several weeks

  • Weight loss

  • Kaposi's sarcoma

It was while I was doing research on cures for diseases, for an ill friend, that I found a simple and natural HIV cure.  My research revealed that alot of people are looking for an Aids/HIV cure.  Some are wondering: if there is a cure.  There's also alot of Aids sufferers looking for an HIV treatment (Aids treatment) or Aids vaccine.   My incredible discovery of this powerful, scientifically proven natural HIV cure, and the fact that it can be self administered at home without hospital equipment, without a doctor, and without side effects impelled me to write this Natural Aids cure guide.

There is a natural cure for aids and cancer, as the following case studies reveal:

"Inactivation of HIV Type 1 appears in "Blood Journal"
Peer reviewed "JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY OF HEMATOLOGY" In a major breakthrough for U.S. medical thinking, three years after the study concluded, the HIV work of M.D.'s Wells, Latino, Galvachin, and Poiesz is published in a well respected U.S. peer reviewed medical journal.  Their article: "Inactivation Of HIV Type 1" appears in "Blood Journal" describing the research coordinated by Dr. Bernard Poiesz from Syracuse State University of New York Research Hospital. They performed 15 replications of this study interfaced with HIV infected factor 8 blood. The therapy completely removed the HIV virus from the blood 97 to 100% of the time, yet was non-toxic to normal healthy blood components
M.D.'s Wells, Latino, Galvachin, and Poiesz
" 15 ARC patients exhibit "full remission." Gained weight, T cells went from 300 back up to 1500 (normal), gone back to work.
1987 Dr. Horst Kief, Heidelberg, FRG, announces successful treatment of 3 AIDS patients brought from Stage 8 back to Stage 1 at his German clinic. Dr. Kief states "You can kill the AIDS virus with this therapy... No side effects." 15 ARC patients exhibit "full remission." Gained weight, T cells went from 300 back up to 1500 (normal), gone back to work. "One patient was so weak he couldn't turn on the radio. After only 3 treatments, he walks to the bathroom unaided. "

Dr. Horst Kief, Heidelberg, FRG

Testimonials.  The following clients did not want to be revealed.


1 week to 2 months later
I felt better in a week. Your formula has worked wonders for me, my health has improved tremendously and my problem which was worrying seems to have gone away. i just need to know if I should continue with the programme for maintenance purposes and health reason. I have made an appointment with my doctor in SA as suggested, however I would like inform you that I have benefited a lot out of this treatment.

After 6 weeks  
Thank you for keeping in touch, I am happy to say that I am now much better. I have not been tested but I am working eight hours a day and enjoying life

After 1  week
By the way I am happy to say that I am starting to feel stronger thanks to your help

After 1 month
    I had   the time to call my doctor  today regarding my tests results. he said" you aren't on medications  ..are you?  then i knew something good may have happened.  Sure enough i am still positive after only one month of treatment  but my Viril load is still in the 7000  while  my Tcells that was in the 400  drastically jumped to 798..I am so happy and will sure keep on using the solution until my next visit in 3 months( will that be a safe thing to do? or should i pamper down a little).  

After 13 weeks

Sorry I got your previous communication late, I however would like to inform you that my latest results came out with no trace of antibodies and my CD4 count is back to normal (1383.43) as per my doctor.  He has stopped the intended treatment, based on the current blood results, Thanks to you.

I hereby also inform you that he send me for more specific HIV Elisa test after the previous tests and the results came back negative, he would appreciate a direct communication with you in this regard if you don't mind.  I have copied my doctor on this mail.

 After 3 months

my t cell was 17 went up to 400 plus i'm still on theropy will continue onthe theropy.

After 3 weeks 

The following are the results.

RPR-Non Reactive
HIV -Non Reactive

These results are unbelievable,will continue the therapy for another week then gradually reduce to 3 drops......

The results show that there isnt any  hiv virus in the body...your healing miracle worked for me aswel.

M stil on the therapy though.

M more than grateful for your support,will let you know when i finally stop the therapy

The following are 3 testimonials about patients of one of my clients, who is a Naturopathic Doctor:

The lady called nancy who you gave my number to call,  so after 3 weeks this was are words,"hi, i now believe . my warts are drying and  getting cleared .am so excited . thanks for helping me am so encouranged . my cd4 count today reads 495 from 425 in march." she is hiv positive patient this was 18.8.2011 around three weeks after she bgan, and i believe her cd4 had gone down betwwen the test she had taken in march and the day she started  using the solution.- this was about 3 weeks.

a  second patient.
she bagan using the solution on 20th of july 2011 and didnt take a cd4 count before she stated, but had a former results she had 4/4/2011 wich read 668(cd4 count) so she stayed for about 3 months before coming to my clinic on 20th july 2011 and she was not on any drugs so automatically my gues is the cd4 was still going down. so after starting the solution on 20th july 2011 she went for a test 5/9/2011 (exactly one month and half) her cd4 read 878.

another third testimony,
a client had a cd4 of 74 before starting the solution and had night sweats and had a blander infection he was having very frequent urination and was so weak icould not go to work- he is an engineer with our government.firstly after three days the healing crisis was too high he couldnt stand the fatique so he stopped and came to ask me for another type of treatment, i told him there is no other treatment  promising as this , so after a week his condition was very bad, he came and told me i have decided to take it, and not bow to the healing crisis, so he started , funny enough the fatique didnt hit him this time just little loose stool and after three days the bight sweats stopped and the frequent uribation stopped in around five days and he went back to work, he has added weight unbelievably, after 8 weeks his cd4 read 167. he is happy and strict on this solution

these are some of the testimonies, i have not had a failure with this solution, will fill you in with more, am doing some in zambia too and some who had infections it cured completely, these are words from my representative there, " bro this is just to let you know the solution is working miracles in this city in (zambia)

thanks for what you did its changing lives and shaping destinies as hope comes up again.

Hi Linda,
Its amazing, this thing works and what makes it more fun is, its funny cheap.
wow, I have no words to describe how I feel but this thing works.
Thanks a million and please continue the good work.
After 3 Days
Hi... I'm absolutely speechless. It has only been 3 days of your treatment for me and I feel like a brand new person. No more colds, runny noses, coughs, trouble breathing, random fatigue feelings, weakness, or skin breakouts. i have not taken an hiv test yet but i will later on in the week. I have been to work without any problems or dizzy spells. my shaking and shivers are fading away. Bottom line, I feel soo much better ever since the day i started this natural but simple cure for many viruses and bacteria. I knew when I was diagnosed with this "non-curable" disease, which US government stresses to us there is supposedly no cure found for any terminal illnesses or disease, that there has to be something out here in this enormous world that can dispose this virus out of my body. GOD BLESS YOU Linda Wong. And many other doctors who have made similar discoveries in the past. When I am fully cured i plan to get married with the girl of my dreams and take part in the birth of a beautiful baby boy or girl. All thanks to your guide. I will continue to spread your message in the USA so more people will order your guide and I will also keep you posted on my progression. I dont know you but my heart goes out to you and what you have done for this world. Thank you.
After 11 days
I used to have night sweat in my head which could even wet my pillows its all gone, I used to have pain in my joints, muscles its all gone, tiredness, when am brushing my teeth in the morning I used to have blood stains from gum its no more... no more headaches after long hours of work. am working from 8:00hrs to 5:00hrs from Monday to Friday
I used to have skin irritation and excessive coughing its all gone
After 9 weeks
I am very glad Linda to experience this Life again
I have been on your natural product for the past 9 weeks.  Today, I went for a test and it showed negative.  (just to share my exposure was on 12-12-11 and never got tested as positive before since I need to wait for window period to be over).  But I had all symtoms of the infection for past few months. 
Now I am so happy the test came negative and wanted to share this with you.
Thank you again for your support 
The following are 2 testimonials of patients of one of my clients, who is a Naturopathic Doctor


After 3 months
I was called to an hospital where a lady winnie was hospitalsed she had gone to full blown aids and she was loosing her mind , she could not construct a sentence or talk straight, they put drip on her and she was discharged half mad, when we tok her home i gave her the  theraphy and told the relatives to give her the conventional drugs she had from hospital , after 3 weeks i went to visit her , she was in her right mind and walking around .what shocked me is that they had ignored my advice to give her the conventional drugs alongside the therapy and she picked up amazingly, she is now sober,her  health back ,herpes healed and cd4 boosted by 150% after 3 months.
 After 3 weeks
A hiv patient came and her skin was totally bad and so she began the theraphy, after three weeks her skin was the most beautifull and strong so she went for regular check at the hospital, after the hospital visit she called us and asked what the drug we gave was for, i said why? she said she had cysts and in the three weeks they were completely gone the doctor who usually attended her was in a shock, she is now one of happiest among ouur clients,she is on the therapy and doing amaizing, these are just two,the reports are amazing, this therapy is never  dissapointing.
thanks linda , will keep sending testimonials when i can.
After 5 months, (could be earlier if he got tested earlier)
I went for blood count in October last year, last week I went to fetch my results which was 545 and the viral load was less than 47 I m so grateful I came to know you, this has been amazing in my life. I m going for my next count in April I will let you know what happened.  I haven't been sick since I started this, not even a cold.
After 3 months and 2 weeks
Hi Linda, I've started the medication when my CD4 count was 287 it went up to 640 in 3 months and 2 weeks.  It really worked wonders for me.
I had wounds all over my body, my skin was dry, I was weak and loss of weight.  Now all wounds disappeared, my skin is so beautiful, I'm so active and gaining weight.  I'm a new person.  Thank you again, ....Jose
Hi Linda,  Just got back with word from the lab
RNA:  Undetectable viral load.....trying to figure out how to get an antibody test on the side though......
T-cells 719..............previously 396
Have a great day,



 If this remedy worked for past AIDS sufferers, it can work for you too.

The natural HIV cure revealed in this guide has been proven by doctors in many parts of the world, with an estimated 350,000 patients in Europe alone, between 1980 and 1985.  Many people have awakened to the fact that a simple, safe, and natural home procedure, can oxygenate the cells and bring the T cells back up to normal.  This natural Aids cure may well be what supporters call "the world's greatest healing miracle of all time".

Many people find it hard to accept that a natural HIV cure such as this is for real.  It sounds too good to be true.  How could one product be the solution to an Aids cure?  This inexpensive HIV treatment is so simple, it gets ignored.  In the past 7 centuries, the public has been led to believe that an HIV cure is a confusing and difficult science, which is better left to the medical field.  We rely on data that is provided by doctors and the health care system.   The medical profession, in general, is uninformed about any natural Aids cure.  They use the standard methods, which are drugs, surgery, radiation, etc.

This simple HIV treatment can be taken at home in less than 5 minutes, on a regular daily basis.
In the next few minutes, you will get:

  • get a step by step guide on how to administer this therapy at home without travelling to Europe, without hospital equipment, without a doctor and without side effects

  • discover how dozen of AIDS patients have been healed and are now living normal lives

  • learn why Americans spend more on health care, yet are sicker than most other people in the world

  • discover how to overcome the marketing hype and get the facts on nutritional supplements

  • learn what other diseases this therapy heals

  • find out why the handful of U.S. doctors who use this therapy as an HIV cure, as well as a wide variety of diseases, or endorse the therapy in any way, are threatened with the revocation of their licenses by the medical establishment, fined or shut down.

  • find out why the pharmaceutical lobby almost never loses a political battle that effects its bottom line

That's right, they are already working on a campaign to discredit this natural substance, even though it's been given the GRAS (generally recognized as safe) designation by the FDA.

I am hoping and praying that I can get this information to as many AIDS sufferers as soon as possible, before they discover this natural Aids cure site, and shut it down.

When you learn how to administer this substance and flood your bloodstream, your cells, and tissues, raising your T cell count back to normal, you will be able to enjoy the things you used to do when you were healthy, like:

   1. going out with friends and loved ones

   2. enjoying your hobbies again

   3. eating foods that you once enjoyed

   4. travelling

   5. pursuing your abandoned personal and/or professional goals

   6. enjoying time with your children

   7. Improving personal relationships

   8. making new friends

   9. career advancement

  10. taking up a new hobby

  11. learning a new language

Product Image
This natural HIV cure can be taken at home in less than 5 minutes, on a regular daily basis, at the cost of 1.5 cents per day.  Approximately 15,000 European Doctors, Naturopaths, and Homeopaths have supplied this amazing remedy to more than 10 million people during the past 70 years to heal over 50 different diseases.

"So, how much is this natural Aids cure guide"?

Let's do a quick price comparison.  How much did you spend for your last visit to your doctor or naturopath, or herbalist, or massage therapist? Some naturopaths charge $160 for an initial consultation.

So, while this material is priceless (because it gives YOU the power to heal yourself), your investment is more than 50% off of the price of an initial consultation with some naturopathic doctors - $77 cad

You get the COMPLETE HIV cure program (which consists of about 240 hours of research) for only $77.00 cad.  If you purchase before midnight tonight, you get a bonus ebook on "Heal Your Peptic Ulcer".

Get yours NOW and don't miss out! After ordering, you can download your natural HIV cure guide and Free Bonus immediately.  Get started right away, even if it's 2am.

Heal Your Peptic Ulcer

  • Get Rid of your ulcers without drugs and side effects
  • Enjoy the foods you love again, without pain and/or vomitting
  • Be Pain Free in 1 Day
Bonus Product Image
Preview the natural Aids cure guide risk-free today.  Note:  Since only a doctor is at liberty to dispense medical advice, I must issue the disclaimer that I'm not making an attempt to prescribe any medical treatment - and the information contained in the giude is not intended to replace a one on one relationship with a doctor or qualified health practitioner.  Since this remedy is all natural, it can be combined with any Meds (HAART) you may be taking.  It's actually not advisable to go off the Meds right away, but to be weaned off of them.

Take a full 180 days to administer this natural HIV treatment outlined in the guide and if it doesn't completely blow your expectations out of the water, I'll give you a full refund! No questions asked!
Guarantee image
 Click here now to take advantage of this limited time offer of $77.00 CAD and get on the road to a wonderful healing journey, now

Linda Wong
P.S. -- Within minutes you can discover how to administer this natural oxygenating substance, which costs less than 1.5 cents per day, without flying to Europe, without a Doctor, and without hospital equipment and start raising your T cell count in the privacy of your home  ... Take action right now!

P.P.S. -- Don't forget when you order the guide today you're going to get an outstanding bonus valued at $27 to help you heal your peptic ulcer (priceless). The $77 cad for the Natural HIV cure guide is more than 50% off  of the cost of an initial consultation with some Naturopaths.   Click on the "Buy Now" button above!

P.P.P.S. -- Remember your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.  You will be successfully on your way to feeling good again, enjoying quality time with your loved ones, pursuing your dreams and goals.   Take action right now and you'll be downloading your Natural Aids cure guide and the  bonus within minutes!

P.P.P.P.S.-- Don't delay ... Get the Natural HIV cure guide today, before the trillion dollar pharmaceutical and health care industries shut this site down.  So click on the "Buy Now" button above to get started on  the road to recovery!

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